About Us

 Welcome to edocollection

Based in Rome-Italy, we offer a curated collection of expertly crafted leather goods, jewelry and fashion accessories. Our products are designed with passion and expertise. My name is Livio and togheter with my wife Ilaria have been running our selling activity in Rome-Italy since 1997. After traveling to India, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines (where we used to buy ready handicraft), we began creating our own designs for accessories that blend ethnic local taste with our Italian style.

We select fabrics, prints, and designs for our creations and collaborate with local artisans and small factories to produce a diverse collection of bags, shawls, jewelry, sandals and clothing.

Our Leather collection is crafted by skilled Italian artisans in Florence.

In 2019, we established a shop in Otranto, South Italy, just in front of the beautiful sea. Here we are open from May until the end of September. If you pass by this beautiful city please come to visit us in Via Lungomare Terra D’Otranto 11.




Me and my family team!!