Gladiator Rope Sandals-Brown Purple

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Edocollection Gladiator Rope Sandals are made from high quality cotton, nylon rope (paracord). Adjustable strings to tie around the leg or the ankle as you prefer. Water resistant - UV light resistant - machine washable. Featuring a very good rubber quality sole 1 cm thick and a layer of rubber foam to make it more comfortable.

Brown and Purple


Usage instructions

Always wear the sandals by slipping the front straps on your foot. Once the straps are adjusted to the instep and your foot is positioned properly at the front end of the sole, you can draw on the strap situated behind the heel. -This method of putting the sandals on, which may seem a little strange at first, will no longer pose any problems once the braiding has settled in and will enable you to ensure that your edocollection's sandals snugly embrace your foot every time.
The flexible but non-elastic materials used in the production of our braiding are ergonomic and will adapt to the shape of your feet.

Size Chart

35 EUR// 3 UK// 5 USA
36 EUR // 3.5 UK // 5.5 USA
37 EUR // 4 UK // 6 USA
38 EUR // 5 UK // 7 USA
39 EUR // 5.5 UK // 7.5 USA
40 EUR // 6.5 UK // 8.5 USA
41 EUR // 7 UK // 9 USA

To use these tables properly, place a sheet of A4 paper on the floor (A3 for those with very large feet). Plac e your foot on it, allowing your toes to spread out lengthways in their natural position. Next, draw a line around it using a pencil and measure this footprint from the heel to the furthest front part.
The resulting measurement will enable you to refer to the table above to choose your size. If you are hesitating between two sizes, pick the larger one if you have an average to large foot and the smaller one if you have a slender foot

Foot length (mm)
221 - 225
226 - 230
236 - 240
241 - 245
246 - 250
251 - 255
256 - 260
261 - 265