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Welcome to edocollection

from Rome-Italy! A great selection of leather goods, jewelry and accessories designed and handcrafted with LOVE!!

My name is Livio and togheter with my wife Ilaria run our selling activity in Rome-Italy since far 1997After travelling to India, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines (where we used to buy ready items) we started to develop our own designs for our accessories balancing the ethnic local taste with our italian one.

We choose fabrics, the prints and designs for most of our creations and with the help of local sewer and small family factory we produce our collections that range from bags to shawls, jewelry, sandals and clothing.
Our Leather collection is handmade in Florence by 100% local Italian artisans. In 2019 we opened a shop in the South of Italy, in Otranto, right in front of the sea!!
I hope you will enjoy our shop!!

-Livio Manzo-

owner of edocollection


Me and my family team!!