Cotton Sarong Flower Motif-Blu

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This hand-crafted Cotton Sarong features a traditional "Blu Flowers" pattern and is a must-have for any summer wardrobe. Made with soft cotton muslin from Rajasthan, India, it can serve as a towel, wrap dress, shawl, curtain, or sofa cover. This versatile accessory is perfect for both men and women and makes a lovely handmade gift option.


Size 180 cm x 115 cm (70.8 x 45.2 inches)
Color: White and Indaco Blu Color
Floral Motif

I recommend cold hand wash, no dryer.

Block Print

Hand Block Printing is one of the most traditional arts from India with carving done on wooden blocks. To make one design, artisan has to create more than one block most of the times. Then natural dyes are created and printing process begins with hand. The art requires lot of precision, accuracy and patience on top of it.